Apple TV Today is an online magazine featuring curated news, reviews and commentary regarding the latest happenings about the Apple TV digital media player. Designed with the discerning mobile reader in mind, Apple TV Today serves only the most relevant stories and reviews in a streamlined format that is easy-to-read on iPhones and iPads alike.

About the author

Jeff Perrin is a professional musician whose iOS music apps, Home Theater Ear Candy and Speaker Check for Apple TV, were built specifically with the Apple TV user in mind. His utility app for the Apple TV App Store, Surround Speaker Check, was recently picked as a tvOS "app favorite" by Sound & Vision magazine.

As an Apple fan and multimedia developer, combing the mac-centric web sites for news and rumors about upcoming Apple products and services is daily routine. Apple TV Today is a means to share the best news and perhaps a little commentary from the perspective of a developer and fellow Apple TV fan.

You can read more about Jeff and his music projects involving the Apple TV at: http://www.jeffperrinmusic.com

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